Urban Air Mobility Partnership

A first-in-the-nation public-private partnership to advance awareness of urban air mobility (UAM) in L.A.

The Urban Air Mobility Partnership

The UAM partnership is a year-long effort to educate and engage Angelenos around this low-noise, electric aircraft expected to fly in L.A.’s skies as soon as 2023.  With financial support from Hyundai Urban Air Mobility and Archer, Urban Movement Labs will work with a UAM Fellow to develop and implement a comprehensive public engagement strategy. To assist with visualizing this innovative new technology, Urban Movement Labs will lead a multi-stakeholder effort to envision a “vertiport,” a new piece of L.A.’s transportation network where people can access urban air mobility aircraft. The one-year partnership will culminate in a policy toolkit, which will serve as a model to cities, counties, and tribal governments and be used to build capacity within the City of LA.

Image: Archer