Urban Movement Labs works with communities, companies, and policymakers to match emerging technology solutions to address everyday mobility challenges.

How Does it Work?

Although anyone can propose a solution or challenge for the Ideas Accelerator to tackle, early projects are inspired by the work across air, land, and sea of three of Urban Movement Labs’ founding public sector partners.

During a structured process, multi-stakeholder groups design solutions that increase the use of sustainable transportation, or ensure safety on roadways and at curbs, or optimize the impacts of urban freight, or improve the experience of transportation for visitors to L.A., or even release underutilized transportation assets for additional housing.


The Urban Air Mobility Partnership

A first-in-the-nation public-private partnership to advance urban air mobility (UAM) in L.A. The partnership is a year-long effort to educate and engage Angelenos around this low-noise, electric aircraft expected to fly in L.A.’s skies as soon as 2023.  With financial support from Hyundai Urban Air Mobility and Archer, Urban Movement Labs will work with a UAM Fellow to develop and implement a comprehensive public engagement strategy. To assist with visualizing this innovative new technology, Urban Movement Labs will lead a multi-stakeholder effort to envision a “vertiport,” a new piece of L.A.’s transportation network where people can access urban air mobility aircraft. The one-year partnership will culminate in a policy toolkit, which will serve as a model to cities, counties, and tribal governments and be used to build capacity within the City of LA.


Connecting Warner Center

Urban Movement Labs and Warner Connects worked in close collaboration with California State Senator Henry Stern’s Office, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office, Los Angeles Councilman Blumenfield’s Office, and the Warner Center Association to assess the feasibility of bringing innovative mobility solutions to the Warner Center community. Together, we conducted interviews, hosted workshops, and completed qualitative, quantitative, and on-site research. This culminated in a Request for Information (RFI) to understand the market for products and services that offer quick, seamless, and delightful experiences to people, while adhering to the overarching goal of reducing cars on the road.

Want To Be Involved?

Check out our Contact Page to tell us more about your interest in getting involved. Whether you want to pitch a project, attend a workshop, suggest a solution, or get to know other transportation change-makers in LA – there’s a spot here for you!

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